Credit Card Payment

Please Read:

We now offer our customers convenience of buying our products with major credit cards.   The card charge will be from our alias name which starts with "trendy".  Please understand cards may not work all the time.   If your card doesn't go through in your first try,  please stop retrying unless it's a typo mistake that you can surely correct on your second try.   

When transaction doesn't go through, it's considered to be declined and customer's fund maybe held by the card issuer or bank for a few days of time.  If this happens,  there is nothing we as a seller can do to expedite  the release of fund back to the customer.  We have no leverage over a fund being held by the card issuer or bank.   

Due to fund being held, your statement appears as if there are multiple charges or unwarranted charge depending on how many times declined.   We assure you that we never charge more than once nor charge without  an order number.  The fund held will certainly and surely be released back to the customer,  and customer doesn't  have to do anything.  Customer just needs to wait a few days.  Please understand that customer has that much less money on the card available until the unspent fund is returned back to the customer.

Thank you for your understanding.